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Do you have a PAID OFF vehicle with a CLEAR TITLE?

In these difficult economic times, National Title Loans understands the needs of our customers and realizes that maintaining a good credit history can be a struggle, offering clients a “No Worry” process. Your income and clear car title are your security to obtain the fast funds you need!

Call our office now at 866-995-1400 or click here to complete our fast and secure online application form and we will contact you.


How do I get started?
You can start the process immediately by completing our short online application 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Or call our office 866-995-1400 (or local: 302-995-1400) 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern, Monday thru Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. It’s EASY and FAST.
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An Auto Title Loan is a 30-day loan that is secured by your paid off vehicle. We place a lien on your vehicle and you continue to drive it.
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What is the interest cost on the loan?
In 30 days, when the loan is due, you may:
a) Pay your loan balance in full.
b) or refinance the loan for another 30 days with a 240% Annual Percentage Rate payment.
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What do I need to qualify for a loan?
You must bring with you to our office the following:

  • Your Vehicle
  • Proof of residence (phone, electric bill (s), etc.)
  • Proof of income (pay check, awards letter, etc.; $850 minimum monthly income, benefits accepted)
  • Title to vehicle
  • Registration
  • Spare key – Mandatory
  • Valid drivers license
  • Insurance card
  • Three personal references

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Where can I fax my documents to?
Faxed documents may be sent to 302-995-9118. Required documents may be faxed or emailed (see next question for email).
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Where can I e-mail my documents to?
E-mailed documents may be sent to . Required documents may be faxed or emailed (see previous question for fax).
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Rates & Fee Schedule

National Title Loans Rate & Fee Schedule

Title Lien Fees By State:
Delaware $55.00
Repossession Fee AT OUR COST
Return Check Fee $25.00
Storage Fee $35.00 per day
Collection Fee $50.00
Lock Smith Fee $65.00

Annual Percentage Rate:
The annual percentage rate for a 30 day contract at 240% Annual Percentage Rate.
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How much money can I borrow?
The loan amount is based upon the value of your vehicle and your monthly income. (Between $100.00 and $2,500.00…or more for qualified applicants.)
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How fast can I get the money?
We can have you approved within 20 minutes after taking your application, with a check in your hands as you leave our office!!
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Do I need to have good credit to get a loan?
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Do you check my credit?
We utilize services such as Teletrack, a consumer reporting agency and alternative third party data provider.
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How much will this loan cost me?
If you do not pay your loan off in full before the first due date, your interest charge on the total loan principal for all remaining payments, will be at our normal rate of 240% Annual Percentage Rate.
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How long is the term of the loan?
You have 6 months to pay back the loan in full with a payment due every 30 days.
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If I can’t pay off my loan when it comes due?
You may pay the interest due or the interest due plus any additional dollar amount over the interest to be applied to your principal. You will then be contracted for another 30 days.
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Can I pay off the loan at any time?
Yes and there are no penalty fees for early payment.
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Is there a penalty if I pay the loan off early?
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Do I get to keep my car?
Yes, you continue to drive your vehicle. We place a lien on the title of the vehicle which is then released when the loan is paid in full.
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Do I need a Checking or Savings Account?
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In which states do you offer loans? 
We only offer loans in Delaware.
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